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The Truth

At Truthery all our products undergo two important phases of production before receiving our 100% Cold Pressed Nutrition stamp of approval.

  1. We start off by sourcing the highest quality, non conventionally farmed, fresh ingredients from sustainable farms in South Africa. All our produce is then cleaned thoroughly using only natural and organic cleaning materials. Once cleaned we prepare all our ingredients and start the production and bottling process in our refrigerated room set at a constant temperature of 5°C. By adhering to a strict cold chain of supply we are able to improve the shelf life, freshness and flavour of our Cold Pressed Nutrition.

  2. Once bottled our products are ready for the second phase of production also known as High Pressure Processing (HPP). High Pressure processing is a cold pasteurisation technique whereby products already sealed and bottled are placed into a chamber filled with water and subjected up to 6000 bar of pressure (more pressure than the deepest part of the ocean).

This pressure maintains between one and several minutes and then de – pressurises. Once the bottles have come out of the HPP chamber they contain almost zero living microbial content. This special high pressure process protects Truthery’s raw goodness by extending the shelf life of our products up to 30 days and eliminating pathogens such as salmonella, E coli and other harmful bacteria without heating or adding preservatives. Allowing us the opportunity to offer 100% Cold Pressed FRESH Nutrition rather than frozen.

HPP Process 



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