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The Truth about Cold Pressed Nutrition

Cold Pressed Nutrition lies at the center of our truth and we’re not into pulling the wool over anybody’s eyes which is why we have made it our goal to share the truth about what real Cold Pressed Nutrition is and the authentic processes we use to create our raw, honest products.

The term “Cold Pressed”, often loosely used by fresh juice companies is more than just a trendy marketing slogan and label enhancement, it refers to the process of juicing using a hydraulic press to extract the maximum amount of nutrients from fruits, vegetables and nuts without adding heat and destroying vital enzymes and nutrients. Unlike that of its opponents often masked as “Cold Pressed”, the Centrifugal and Slow or Masticating Juicers heat and spin the produce breaking its fibers and creating much faster separation and oxidation.

True Cold Pressed products have a much higher quality of nutrition and longer shelf life enabling you to gain the full nourishing benefits of consuming raw produce.

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