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The Truth about Cleanses

What does a Truthery Cleanse entail?

• A Truthery Cleanse refers to a detox that lasts between 1 and 5 days with the option of extending up to 21 Days whereby only Cold Pressed Fruit & Vegetable Juices, Nut Milks and Broths are consumed giving your body the opportunity to reset and return to truth.

What are some the benefits of periodic Cleanses?

• Increases Energy & Strength
• Detoxifies Cells&Tissues
• Alkalines the body
• Assists with WeightLoss
• Improves Mental Clarity & Mood
• Strengthens Immune System
• Reduces Signs of Ageing

• Rests the Gastrointestinal System 

Is it safe for me to consider Cleansing?

• Cleansing is safe and beneficial for most people looking to detox and hit the reset button on their overall health with the exception of the following people who should seek medical advice prior to cleansing:
• Pregnant or Nursing Women
• Diabetics or those with Hypoglycemia
• Children under 18

• Anyone with a serious condition and on chronic medication

How often should you Cleanse?

• 1 Day Cleanse – Can be used once a week as a maintenance cleanse or twice a month for beginners
• 3 Day Cleanse – Once a month
• 5 Day Cleanse – Every 2 Months

• 7 Day Cleanse – Every 3 Months

How to choose your Cleanse Intensity?

• Cleanse Intensity is best determined based on your previous cleanse experience and cleanse intentions. The longer you Cleanse the more results you are able to see with the deepest healing starting after a 21 Day Guru.
• 1 Day -  ★☆☆☆ (Beginner)
First time Cleansers - a great way to introduce your body to cleansing.
Can also be used as a maintenance cleanse.
3 Day -  ★★☆☆ (Intermediate)
Not your first time cleansing have completed a minimum of a single 1 Day Cleanse
Suitable for anyone looking to do a quick, less intensive cleanse
Can also be used as a maintenance cleanse after a longer periodic Cleanse has been completed
5 Day -  ★★★☆ (Experienced)
Suitable for anyone who has a few Completed Cleanses under their belt.
The best results are achieved from 3 days onwards
7 Day -  ★★★★ (Master)
• Suitable for well seasoned cleansers
• Most beneficial period to cleanse for with the greatest results in weight loss.
Maintain the benefits of a 7 Day Cleanse with a 1 or 2 Day cleanse at least once a month

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