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Choosing your Cleanse

Step 1: Choose your Cleanse:

1. Balancing Act

Balance your PH act and alkalise your system with with the Balancing Act Cleanse. Our greenest cleanse, rich in antioxidants essential for fighting inflammation in an acidic environment.

2. Fitter Than The Rest

Intensify your weight loss efforts and get Fitter than the Rest with the calorie burning, appetite controlling Fitter than the Rest Cleanse. This cleanse tones & tightens lumps and bumps, reduces water retention and optimises digestion allowing the body to break down fat faster.

3. Gut Feeling

Get gut healthy and that good Gut Feeling with the colon cleansing, probiotic promoting Gut Feeling Cleanse. Gut health accounts for 80% of our immune system making this cleanse essential for overall vitality.

4. As Within So Without

The epitome of health starting within comes from the detoxifying, hydrating and calming influences of the Cold Pressed Nutrition in our As Within So Without Cleanse. This overall vitality enhancing cleanse boosts your immunity to infections, flushes toxins and hydrates the lymphatic system.

Step 2: Choose your cleanse intensity:

• 1 day ★☆☆☆ (Beginner Cleanser)
• 3 day ★☆☆ (Intermediate Cleanser)
• 5 Day ★★★☆ (Experienced Cleanser)
• 7 Day ★★ (Master Cleanser)

• Up to 21 Day (Only available on "Choose Your Truth Wisely" option)

Each Truthery Cleanse includes the following per day:
 4 x Cold Pressed Fruit & Vegetable Juices
 1 x NutMilk
 1 x BoneBroth
 2 x 100ml Cold Pressed Shots
 1 x 50ml Ginger Shot
 2 x Herbal Teas
• Complete Cleanse Guide (eguide)

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